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Begin your logo/asset creation from the "ICONS" in menu by downloading multiple icons to use later in the editor. Download as many icons and combine them to create unique assets. Tutorials coming soon!
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You can access your account once you've registered. A confirmation email will be sent out. In the case of a premium user, you need to subscribe here first then you will be able to log in. If you are redeeming a code, continue here

Premium Upgrade
Our Basic plan is okay for most folks. Free users are able to download icons, use the editor and manage their media together with 70 free Google fonts. Premium users are able to create unlimited projects and will gain access to 1,000 Google fonts, 1GB of storage, and more icons, alongside for their creative freedom.
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We're only recently launched but we have more in the pipeline. Head over to our roadmap page to learn more. Subscribe to our newsletter here for updates, head over to WPWakanda, LLC to learn more about our plans and future.

WPWakanda LLC

Connected Tools and Services Platform

We strive to create an experience worthy of every small business and budding startup. Our initiative is tied around our ability to create new experiences for the modern web while bringing you and your business alongside.

Brand Recognition

KandaBrand: Logo, assets & more

KandaLearn: Teach and Learn

Efficient Ecosystem

KandaWork: Custom/Enterprice Dev

KandaCr8: Automated Deployment (soon)

Marketing Criteria

KandaSocial: Media Representation (soon)

KandaSupport: People Centric


202 N Cedar Ave, Owatonna, MN 55060